Fr. Anselm Maynard Keefe: The Legacy


This website and exhibit were created for my Digital Project in my Technologies of Text course, taught by Dr. Ryan Cordell at St. Norbert College. Using materials from the Center of Norbertine Studies, our class worked to create many different digital projects about the Norbertines and St. Norbert College. I chose to focus on Fr. Anselm Maynard Keefe because I'm a biology major, and found the idea of a Norbertine biologist interesting.

I started out my project by contacting the St. Norbert College Science Department Faculty to inquire about Fr. Keefe's materials. With time and patience, I was able to meet with Dr. Jason Mills, the Botany professor of St. Norbert College. He granted me access to the SNC Herbarium and all of its items for this project, including many of Fr. Keefe's materials. I also was allowed to use historical photographs from the Center of Norbertine Studies: Premonstratensian Research website for my project. Their website can be found here.

I used my own Canon digital camera and the Busch Art Center's color scanner to create digital images of the Herbarium, Science Discovery Center, and Fr. Keefe's materials. They were edited for image quality using PhotoFiltre.

Here you can find information about Fr. Keefe and his legacy in six different sections: Fr. Anselm Maynard Keefe, St. Norbert College Herbarium, Pressed Plant Specimens, Plant Exchange Correspondence, Fr. Keefe's Scientific Journals, and JMS Science Discovery Center. They each contain image galleries, and descriptions of these images can be found in their Dublin Core.

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Jaclyn Schreiner, Biology Major and Music Minor at St. Norbert College


Fr. Anselm Maynard Keefe

Rev. Anselm Maynard Keefe, O. Praem, was born on January 21, 1895, and died on October 15, 1974. He entered the Norbertine Order in 1916, and took his solemn vows and was ordained in 1920.

Fr. Keefe was a man of many hats. He was a priest, biologist, teacher, military chaplin, Dean, and Abbot of St. Norbert Abbey. He provided almost 50 years of service to St. Norbert College, and was its Dean from 1927-1941, and 1941-1946.

Fr. Keefe helped make St. Norbert College what it is today, a successful educational instituion. He worked towards its accredation during his tenure in 1937, founded the SNC Times student newspaper, made it a coeducational college, and planted hundreds of trees and shrubs on campus. Fr. Keefe's Herbarium collection includes around 20,000 plant specimens, which can still be found in the St. Norbert College Herbarium!

Here you can find various pictures of Fr. Keefe througout his life, obtained from the Center of Norbertine Studies.

Sources: Science and the Premonstratensian Legacy at St. Norbert College, Fr. Anselm "Maynard" Keefe


St. Norbert College Herbarium

The St. Norbert College Herbarium is found on the ground floor of the JMS building on campus. It contains thousands of plant specimens, many of which Fr. Keefe collected himself. Fr. Keefe's materials can also be found in the Herbarium, including scientific journals, his students plant collections, letters, and other miscellaneous items.

Pressed Plant Specimens

Fr. Keefe was an avid botanist. Like many other botanists, he collected and pressed many different plant specimens. This is done by pressing plants between pieces of cardboard and newspapers for many days, allowing them to dry and become flattened. Many of these well-preserved specimens can still be found in the St. Norbert College Herbarium.

Plant Exchange Correspondence

Being the curator of the St. Norbert College Herbarium, Fr. Keefe participated in plant exchanges between universities. The University of Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada particpated in a plant exchange with St. Norbert College in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Here you can find correspondence between Fr. Keefe and Professor Albert Legault, the curator of the University of Sherbrooke Herbarium.

Fr. Keefe's Scientific Journals

Among Fr. Keefe's materials in the SNC Herbarium, many issues of "The American Biology Teacher" can be found. This scientific journal contained many helpful articles about teaching techniques and research articles submitted by professors. Here you can find a few excerpts from two issues of "The American Biology Teacher" that Fr. Keefe had, including a research article that he submitted.

JMS Science Discovery Center

Within the last two years, the Science Department Faculty of St. Norbert College have started putting together a "Science Discovery Center" in the JMS building on campus. It contains items from several different disciplines for public viewing, including a few of Fr. Keefe's pressed plant specimens. Directly outside of the "Science Discovery Center" is a display case containing information about Fr. Keefe and some of his items.